Natural First Aid: How to Use Yarrow to Stop Bleeding

One crucial component to any herbal first aid kit is Yarrow, Achillea millefolium. This is seriously one of my favorite herbs.

Known as a styptic, yarrow is useful to stop bleeding. I’ve used this herb many times for this purpose and it is almost magical how well it works! Next time you have a minor cut or wound to treat and you need to stop bleeding, go for some common yarrow.

How to Use Yarrow to Stop a Bleeding Cut

Using Yarrow as a Styptic

Fresh or dried, it works just as well either way.

Grow some in your medicinal herb garden to use as needed. Both the common ‘wild’ variety (with white flowers), and the garden variety (with white to wine red blooms), are effective as a medicinal herb.

Harvest and dry some to be kept in your natural first aid kit so you always have it on hand. Good quality dried yarrow can be good for about one year, maybe a little longer. This is just a good medicinal herb to have on hand so make a habit each summer of harvesting and drying what you estimate you would use for the year.


How to Use Yarrow to Stop Bleeding for Natural First Aid

Obviously, for serious wounds seek medical attention!

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