Twice in One Week, I’ve Been Told I Should Blog

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I’ve been told twice in one week, by people who have gotten a peek into what we have been up to lately (here is part of it,  check it out), that I should blog. If they think what we are doing is interesting, maybe other people will too.

The idea is just so intimidating! I’ve let myself keep from doing it up until now {even though a version of this blog has been slumbering, fully constructed, in internet anonymity for the last two years, unpublished}  for fear of putting myself out there, and frankly, sounding ridiculous.  But whatever.  

I’ve been looking for a way to get my ‘journals’ / somewhat-organized-piles-of-chaos into a searchable, usable system. Maybe this is it?  That was the suggestion of my friend over at Little Persian Bird.

So… Partly out of a desire to get a little more organized, Partly out of a desire to get back to doing more journaling for myself anyway, and partly out of plain old curiosity… Here goes!

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