So you went on a canning binge. Now, what to do with all that jam?

Once you’ve shared out preserves with friends and neighbors, and had your fill of toast, it is time to get creative. Here are eleven of our favorite ways to use all that jam and jelly in the pantry.

1 – Yogurt Parfait

We all know yogurt is good for us. Why not dress it up? Try a yogurt parfait with your homemade jam and some crunchy homemade granola! I love mine with roasted almonds.

2 – Ice Cream & Sundae Topping

Shoot, you could set up a whole Sundae Bar!

Lay out a variety of homemade jams, nuts, and other fun toppings and let people build their own! We especially like our sundaes with margarita pear honey, spiced peach brandy jam, and of course, any of the traditional berry preserves. Top that off with some toasted pumpkin seeds or crushed graham crackers. Have fun with it!

3 – ‘Cheater’ Gourmet Oatmeal … So easy!

This is a winter regular around here. Here is how you do it…

In a serving bowl, mix 1/2 cup oats, about 3/4 cup water, a pinch of salt. Microwave about 1 minute or until al dente {nobody likes mushy oatmeal}. Add a scoop or two of fruity yummy goodness from the jam jar. It’s that easy. Want the peaches and cream {or berries and cream} version? Swirl in a splash of heavy cream or half & half.

4 – Shortcut to fruit filling

Any Fruit Coffee Cake

The perfect quick dessert recipe for potlucks or gatherings of just about any kind, this coffee cake has been a go-to recipe of mine for years. For the filling portion of the recipe, simply use a pint of homemade jam! Dress it up and make it seasonal. For fall, use apple butter and a dash of cinnamon. Or use a berry preserve filling and then top with fresh sliced strawberries and whipped cream for the 4th of July picnic. This recipe is extremely versatile.

5 – Convert your jam to syrup

Thin with a little juice or water, heat slightly, and voila… you have an easy homemade syrup to glorify your french toast or pancakes.

6 – On your sandwich… and I don’t mean PB&J

Well, PB&J’s too. Homemade jam and some good bread can make a pretty rockin’ PB&J.

But I mean, think outside the box. We do a Spiced Summer Cherry Tomato Jam that never gets left off any burger I dress. It’s addictive. Also good on turkey sandwiches. Another we like is our beer jelly {yes, I said beer jelly} on a gourmet grilled cheese.

7 – Jam + Goat Cheese Appetizer

The sweet of the jam and the tangy of the goat cheese can be really good together. Play with pairings. Not all jam flavors are complemented by the goat cheese. Try it with peach or huckleberry. Also, play with your carrier, the bread or crackers. Good bread or crackers can make or break your appetizer.

8 – Make a Breakfast Spread

So simple. So yummy. Three ingredients – jam, cream cheese, and butter. Put it on muffins, bagels, English muffins, etc.

9 – Use Jam as a base for Salad Dressing

I love salads. Love. But those fancy salad dressings at the grocery store are so spendy and don’t taste nearly as good as they should. So, make your own! This recipe is for bottom of the jar jam vinaigrette, but who says you have to wait for the bottom of the jar?

10 – Marinade

That vinaigrette recipe up there, it could just as easily serve as a marinade. Same for just about any salad dressing.

11 – Cookie ‘Bling’

I am not normally much of a cookie baker, but my sister-in-law makes a version of these Butter & Jam Thumbprints for Christmas ever year with a raspberry filling. Among all the yummy cookies she crams in that tin, those are the ones I reach for. I’m thinking ‘why wait for Christmas’? It is time to refill the snack platter… I think I feel some cookies coming on.

Do you have a favorite way to use your extra jam & jelly? Do tell…  

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