‘Wash, Rinse, Repeat’ and Cultivating an Attitude of Celebration

Wash, rinse, repeat…

Do you ever feel like that about life? I think everyone does, now and then. At times, the days get to feeling monotonous and repetitive, routine. We are there right now. We have no reason to be. Life is good! We have so much to be thankful for. I think it is time for some celebration. 

We have not always been good at ‘celebration’. Our family doesn’t really make a big deal about birthdays or peripheral holidays. Sure, we celebrate… but we don’t Celebrate.

As I get older, however – as my kids are growing to become adults and their lives are taking on their own shape – I am coming to realize how important celebration really is. Not just for the tradition, but for the togetherness. Not just on certain calendar days, buy every day.

This holiday season I want to practice an attitude of celebration and I hope it becomes habit. I want to celebrate all the things I am thankful for. Family, health, home, adventure, life. I want to focus on family and conversations and togetherness. Being intentional, and intentionally thankful.

My plan –

tell the people around me why I am thankful for them

celebrate the lives and achievements of those I love

stop, look, and breathe deeply

take time for the small things

make the gifts about the relationship, not the price tag

take a break from screen time and get more face time

slow down.

have conversations… real ones

do something different, maybe even surprising… it doesn’t have to be fancy, better if it isn’t, if you ask me.

As for now… I’m looking forward to our weekend together. The weather is going to be beautiful. Cold but clear. What should we do together? Josh was asking about a Christmas tree… oh my gosh, it’s that time already! That might be fun. Maybe we can do something special… a pot of cider and a puzzle? …and then have that conversation with the kids.

Let’s be together, enjoy life, and enjoy each other.

Let’s Celebrate!

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