Wildcrafting: Collecting Wild Food & Medicine with the Future in Mind

Wildcrafting: Collecting Wild Food & Medicine with the Future in Mind

Have you ever gone out wild mushroom or berry picking? If so, then you have wildcrafted. The online Merriam-Webster dictionary doesn’t even have wildcrafting listed. Google’s definition? To gather herbs, plants, and fungi from the wild. That about sums it up. However, it is important that we know how to do so properly. In a way that takes the big picture and long-term into consideration. Ethical Wildcrafting. Let’s talk about it!

Besides the fact that it gets you outside and active in nature, filling your lungs with fresh, wild air, wildcrafting can be a fun and productive hobby.

What better feeling than to bring home a basket of wild edibles to cook up a nutritious meal for your family to enjoy? Chanterelle gravy over venison (and garden-grown mashed potatoes) with a side salad of edible weeds topped with salalberry vinaigrette. Yes, please. Ok, I’m hungry. Maybe I will have to post these recipes sometime, they are some of our favorites.

We have been heading into these woods since we were kids. Generations, working together, foraging for wild food and livelihoods. Our forests and natural areas, public and private, are treasures to be enjoyed and stewarded, wisely and with gratitude. Take good care of the land, and the land will take good care of you.

PNWfromScratch_3 It is the responsibility of each one of us to always make sure that we are safe and responsible in our wildcrafting practices. Here are a few tips to help do that.  (more…)

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