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Hi, my name is Tania.

I love the Pacific Northwest, I love to grow things, and I love to make things from scratch. I also love sharing ideas (which can sometimes lead to me rambling on and on to poor unsuspecting folks that wander into my path about the latest garden adventure, experiment, or other topic-of-the-day) which is one reason I thought a blog would be a good idea.

The Pacific Northwest is my home. I am drawn to the green, and the rain… the mountains, and the water. My husband and I, along with our two now-pretty-well-grown kids, have lived many places. But our family (for whatever reason, but maybe it is me always dragging us back) always ends up back here.This is where we grew up. This… the Olympics, Puget Sound, this is home.

So here we are. After a decade or two of globe-trotting adventures, we ‘landed’ on a piece of ground situated right outside Union, Washington, just down the road from my childhood home and within eye shot of the Olympic Mountains and beautiful Hood Canal. Our family is putting down our own roots here. We are not building our place from scratch, but it feels like it. We are hands-on people and like to do most things at home ourselves. We also love to ‘live local’, taking advantage of all that is available to us in this amazing place called the Pacific Northwest.

I love to grow things …useful things. Veggies, herbs, medicinals, berries, fruit… if it is something we can use (and we can grow it here), I try to find a place for it in the garden. I used to call myself the constant gardener (because I am constantly thinking/planning/weeding/working on the garden), but lazy gardener is more like it. While I like to try to get as much as I can from our garden (and am constantly killing the grass to make more room for more useful things), I am always striving towards less work. Work smarter, not harder…right? I want to enjoy the garden and its healthful bounty, not be a slave to it. Is that possible? I will get back to you on that one.

So that is a tiny little about me (and my family). There is more to say, but I will spare you for now. Honestly, I will be flattered if you read this far. Please, if you haven’t already had the chance, do take some time to look around… I would love to take you for a walk through the garden.


Tania recently completed a certificate in Natural Products Manufacturing through the American College of Healthcare Sciences in Portland, Oregon and is a certified WSU Master Gardener.

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