5 Things Friday… Jumping on the Bandwagon

Five things Friday, the blogger’s excuse to share random interesting stuff. I figured it was time to jump on the bandwagon. Why not? So here goes…

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Five interesting things I have been working on, thinking about, watching, reading, etc. 

1. Books I am loving! …but wish I had more time to read.

Some days it seems that all I do is read! And still, I need more time to read! So many books, so little time.

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Most of these are gifts my husband and kids got me for Christmas this last year and so were very nice surprises! Some of these books have been on my reading list for a while, and I am whittling away at whenever I can fit them in.

I took this book, The Hands-On Home by Erica Strauss, to lunch with me meeting my mom and sis for mom’s birthday. It came in handy… our mother is never on time. {Love you, Mom <3 }

2.We found and joined the American Herbalists Guild {AHG}

How did we not find this organization earlier?

When I say we, I mean I, but effectively, that means we. Jim is as much into this stuff as I am. He is more fascinated in the mycological side of things. We run this property together, we wildcraft together, we make cool stuff out of the things we grow and find together, and as soon as I heard about #3 (below), we made plans and bought 2 tickets. There is nobody I would rather go with. {Love you, Hunny}

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3. Green Gathering 2016 – Northwest Biophilia: A Celebration of Plants and Practice

And I thought I was excited for the Orcas Island garden/farm tour last summer. I am downright giddy for this event. June 10th-12th on Comano Island in the Puget Sound. We already have tickets.

Green Gathering is an annual educational event for novice and seasoned herbal practitioners in the Pacific Northwest. This years’ focus is on plants of our area with the keynote by Michael Pilarski on ‘How to Make the Pacific Northwest (and the Whole World) into a Wildcrafting Paradise’.

I can’t wait. Will we see any of you there?

4. http://www.easybib.com/ – A Writer’s BFF

I love to include references with my writing, especially research. What I don’t love is typing up all that information and formatting in precisely to MLA or APA. That’s where EasyBib has become my new writer’s best friend. Copy and paste a little info and click a button. Then all I have to do is copy and paste the citation. Easybib has done all the tedious work.

5. Spring is coming!

We’ve had our first flush of shiitakes for the year and our first seedlings of the season are up and coming along! Yes, spring is on its way.

Only 22 more days as of this posting! I need it this year. Is it just me, or does the SAD seem to be especially intense this year. I need sunshine!

So there are a few random things I thought worth sharing this last Friday of February.

Happy Friday! Have anything interesting planned for the weekend?




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