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Pumpkin Spice Coffee Scrub Soap – FALL GIVEAWAY!

Ok, so maybe we are taking Pumpkin Spice a little too far, but before you judge, wait until you try this soap! Then, tell me what you think. Fall is only here for a little while. I'm all for embracing it while we can. Let's do that by giving some of this fall soap away!
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[VIDEO] Making Summer Carrot Soap

[embed][/embed] Curious how it's done? In this video, I'm not giving away secret recipes, but I do bring you along for a batch of Summer Carrot soap and show you how to make natural handmade soap. Summer Carrot Soap with Mint...

12 Reasons to Grow Your Own Herbs!

There are so many reasons to decide to grow your own herbs. Expense, availability, freshness, health, and the advantages they provide in the garden are just a few of the reasons we cram as many herbs as we can into our growing space. Whether you live in the city and...

Beard Care Kit Giveaway… We have a Winner!

Everybody who knows us knows by now that we love a good GIVEAWAY! And because we just introduced a new product, our Western Red Cedar & Herb infused Beard Oil, and because Father's Day is this month, we thought we would get you guys in on the fun with a little celebration... Click here to ENTER this June's PNWfromScratch - Beard Care Kit Giveaway!

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Wildcrafting: Collecting Wild Food & Medicine with the Future in Mind

Wildcrafting can be a fun and productive hobby getting you outside and active in nature and filling your lungs with fresh, wild air. What better feeling than to bring home a basket of wild edibles to cook up a nutritious meal for your family to enjoy? However, it is important that we know how to do so properly. In a way that takes the big picture and long-term into consideration. Ethical Wildcrafting. Let's talk about it.

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